Monday, September 14, 2009

New Moon Trailer: Rise of the Lycans

Did the werewolves in Underworld ever frown on being named for fungus and algea symbiotically living together? Probably. Bet the Twilight werewolves like being hunky Native American boys over pale vampire-hunted weirdos. Bet the second Twilight movie likes looking wildly more ambitious and satisfying than the first one.

Newer New Moon Trailer

It's chilling to see competent film making applied to Twilight, but this trailer shows all the markings of a somewhat interesting, at least half-gripping movie. The special effects for Edward haunting Bella are worlds ahead of anything from the first one. There's actual suspense being built, and characters interacting in meaningful ways. It spooks me. Looks like Catherine Hardwicke screwed up big time, and a mediocre movie can be built out of pure shit. Or this is just a well cut trailer, and the second film is going to be just as pathetic as the first effort.

- Eric T. Voigt, Just Curious

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