Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Hope There Was Never A Last Season...

So, Kevin was perusing the interwebs this evening and happened across an article on for a "movie" coming out June 5th 2009. What we saw in that trailer would change us forever. But really, what we saw confused and disgusted us. After Last Season doesn't seem real, we keep telling ourselves that it isn't, It can't be. Here, check it out yourself, cardboard MRI machine and all, this is it's official site:

So tell us, can this be real? Is there any possible way (any way at all!) that this could actually make an appearance in theatres this year? We hope to God that this is some sort of viral marketing for something, anything, please, just don't let this be real! *sigh*


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  2. I found this which confirms that this film will be released on 6/5/2009 in NY/BOS/LA. It's NR: