Thursday, June 4, 2009

Death To The Tinman: Influence, Ho!

Death To The Tinman is a short film by Ray Tintori. Apparently his thesis film during undergraduacy, it is quite my cup of tea. Smart. Funny. Ambitious. Irreverant. Let us watch:

Death To The Tinman (via Slashfilm's article)

Peter Sciretta mentions in his article that Tinman is strongly influenced by Wes Anderson and Guy Maddin. He's dead right. The whole of the film's story-telling style is unmistakably Andersonian, from The Royal Tenenbaums-esque narration/character introduction to the camera work and score. But they're great. That's why they work for Wes Anderson. To the Guy Maddin comparison? Black-and-white, fantasy crossing with reality, and title card. The shoddy special effects and green screen. Bing. Bang. Boom. Crystal clear influences.

BUT that doesn't make this film a rip-off, or unimaginative, or the slightest bit bad. It's great. Tintori is developing feature lengths? More power to him. His influences may be blatant, but his creativity and originality are as well. He takes from the greats, sure, but he adds upon them, and his own unique vision is fully realized. A student film is bound to have touches of other films, cough cough my first short's Michel Gondry influence cough cough. I'm trying not to defend the guy, but I'm defending the guy. This short was awesome.

- Eric T. Voigt, Rushed That Because Lunch Is Over

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