Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer: Not New 'Moon' Trailer

If only they had that kind of chemistry on the big screen.

Twilight "saga" favorite New Moon has a trailer:

New Moon Trailer

Just like a New Moon to spring out of nowhere right when you're getting over the choppy editing, sloppy camera work and gloppy? acting of Twilight. This brief look at the sequel shows signs of improvement in cinematography, I feel. Everything has a bit more vibrance. No more harsh whites and blues. Not that it looks good. And is it just me, or does Kristen Stewart look old? Way older. She's roughly my age, and I get that puberty strikes different people at different times, but it's slightly unnerving. Also, check out the pecks on Jacob. I'm sure his boy-to-wolf transformation is worlds better than it would have been under Catherine Hardwicke's control, what with this director, Chris Weitz, having worked in the realm of fantasy film before. It won't bring me into a theatre to see it, but it won't actively push me away. Still, I frown at you, New Moon. I frown so big.

Why am I showing you this now? Because you're such a good friend. Guess what film I'm trying to reference, and win a shirt!

- Eric T. Voigt, First Post of June

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