Friday, August 7, 2009

New York, You're Alright

Yeah, you heard me.

It looks like what "meh" sounds like. Speaking of sound, why does it seem like someone dropped an outdated boombox into a fish tank playing "1901" at half volume, recorded it, then edited it under the trailer? Ew!

Overall though, I will probably maybe but most likely not be seeing this in theaters. I don't really need to see "meh" for 90 minutes.

Alex Deaton - bbbooorrreeeddd


  1. I would have titled my article, which I was about to write, "New York, I Loathe You". You feel apathy for this film. I feel angry passion against it. It looks like not only a watered-down version of Paris, Je T'aime but a flooded out and washed away version. There appears to be very little contrast from short to short if the trailer is to be trusted, and why shouldn't it be? Nothing but couples having hardships. There was diversity in Paris. And way more talent. The only people that interest me the slightest in New York would be the actors, and the fact that Natalie Portman directed a short. None of the talent behind the camera is worth a short glance. A fucking ridiculous idea that I was sadly interested in a while back.

  2. I forgot about Fatih Akin. But even he I'm worried about now, after that.

  3. yeah, i think it looks like shit

  4. I was also never in a state of expecting to like it. There's no real anger towards this film for me since I wasn't ever even remotely excited about it. I would just like to flush it out of cinema's system, quick and easy. This post and comment are the most attention I'll give it.