Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Death Day, Edwin S. Porter!

You did it! You're dead! And long dead, at that. Since 1941. I hope you've had plenty of chances to roll in your grave, old chap. Do you remember, way up in Heaven, when you donned that hat, and pointed what was probably a fully-working, loaded gun at a camera that took 45 minutes to capture your image, Edwin S. Porter? Does The Great Train Robbery do justice to all the imagination and ingenuity what once gushed through your mind? Some say you invented the whole wide-medium-close editing structure, or at least had an idea for it before racist D.W. Griffith, whom Arthur the aardvark's sister was aptly named for. We've missed you a while, Mr. Porter. We won't stop missing you any time soon. 

 - Eric T. Voigt, Might As Well Have Chosen Agnes Moorehead

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  1. D.W. (as in Arthur's sister) stands for Dora Winifred. I'm almost certain D.W. Griffith's name was not Dora Winifred. And what's apt about naming her after D.W. Griffith anyway? Do you mean she's a racist? Because if you know anything about that show, you know Arthur, D.W. and all their friends live in a world where race doesn't apply. It's a matter of species, which leads to a far greater problem: anthropomorphic animals keeping typical animals as pets.