Monday, May 11, 2009

Awesome People Decide to Make a Blog That Everyone Should Get Excited About

Blogs are good for people who want to talk about things that are important to them, regardless of what anyone else is interested in, or cares to read. That's why I'm writing here, and writing about this: favorite-ish director Spike Jonze, children's booker Dallas Clayton, small time actor/freelance writer Graham Kolbeins, and a woman who goes by Magic Molly got themselves a blog. Judging from what they've posted about, it's a good one. Here:

Apparently the site was set up to help people get even more pumped about the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are film. It picks apart films, music, photography and other art mediums that influenced the making of the movie, and also gives the contributors a place to rant about art they love, and promote their friends, and other things they find super cool. There are embedded music videos and interviews, old Spike Jonze memorabilia, and in depth articles on all manner of art at its highs. 

It's worth reading, and probably following diligently. 

 - Eric T. Voigt, Whoa Miles Anthony Benjamin Robinson In My Ears

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