Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People Talking About Films Too Soon Strikes Back: Quentin Tarantino Time

Time for some cool! Cannes premiered Tarantino's self proclaimed masterpiece Inglourious Basterds and people are so stoked. Check it:

The Guardian states that "[Basterds] is awful. It isn't funny. It isn't exciting. It isn't a realistic war movie, yet neither is it an entertaining genre spoof or a clever counterfactual wartime yarn. It isn't emotionally involving or deliciously ironic or a brilliant tissue of trash-pop references."

Slow down, praise train. You're making me want to see this nearly too much.

Movieline lets you know that "it's all downhill after the promising opening scene. Character development is nowhere to be found."

Okay, I get it. The positivity is making me ache. You're giving me reason to have faith in this film. But what else do you have?

Jonathan Dean of Total Film had to say "much of Basterds felt flat..."

Don't let that get you down, because an equally reliable critic at Total Film decided to exclaim "not only did I love every minute of this film, if the French projectionist wanted to cue it up and roll it again from the start, I would have sat through the whole film again, with the biggest grin on my face."

Chris Hewitt of Empire says Inglourious Basterds was "rather brilliant... a wonderfully acted movie that subverts expectation at every turn. And it may represent the most confident, audacious writing and directing of Quentin Tarantino's career."

Finally, Roger Friedman claims the film was "a big sprawling entertainment that's less violent than you'd expect and a tad more intellectual, too. Tarantino fans won't be disappointed, but they may be challenged... Brad Pitt is excellent."

So I'm a little bit biased.

- Eric T. Voigt, Eagerly Awaits the Basterds


  1. Yeah, it's cool to cite review both positive and negative (ending on the positive, of course) when you want to like the film. But when you want to satisfy your ego, it's best to just post the negative.


  2. " cite reviews..."

    There, I'll note my own typos.