Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whatever Works: What the Hell, Woody!?

Stop! You'll crush her stupid hairdo! 

What happened to you, Woody? You used to be cool. But you've changed, man. Despite the cozy critical reception Vicky Cristina Barcelona got, it sucked. It very sucked. Is it the old age? Did you forget what made you funny? Are you stuck in the past? Casting Woody stand-ins worked for a while, but it's tired. If someone says 'neurotic' or 'anaylist' or anything about anxiety we get it. It should be you. And New York? References to New York don't mean anything anymore. Having a wide-eyed, bad Southern accented Rachel Evan Wood dropped into the city doesn't make it feel any more fresh. Also, Larry David? He's almost the same character in Curb Your Enthusiasm, from what I can tell. I'd rather watch that. Over and over again. Let Larry David do what he does where he should do it. This... this movie looks like it's going to be bad. Stop. You did enough for us back when you did anything for us. Just stop, or get better.

 - Eric T. Voigt, Massively Disappointed