Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans: Werner Herzog + Nicolas Cage + Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas + Crank = This Looks Incredible

Alright. Hold the phone. Before I get into this, watch the trailer:

Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant Trailer with Nicolas Cage in it

Okay. Ready. This movie, and I say this with complete conviction, looks incredible. In-cred-ib-uhl. Nicolas Cage has become such a joke to the world that people are forgetting how valuable of an actor he is. He's finally getting a chance to act as balls-out crazy as I wish he had gotten in every miserable excuse for an action movie hes been in this latter half of the 00s. Take all those clips of the Wicker Man remake, and boost them up a few notches of insane, and that's what Nicolas Cage is doing in this trailer.

Herzog is a respected director. It isn't as if hes never made a bad film, but he's made a substantial amount of great films. The man knows what he's doing when it comes to cinema. Other blogs, including Slashfilm, and, where I first saw the trailer, are shooting it down left and right, claiming Herzog must be off his rocker, or slipped up accidently in a giant way. Nuh-uh. This movie is meant to be this way.

Already it's handing out amazingly quotable lines: "Shoot him again. His soul is still dancing." "This is my lucky crackpipe. You don't have a lucky crackpipe?" "What are these fucking iguanas doing on my coffee table?" The iguanas! Come on! That's great. That's an homage to Le Cercle Rouge, right there. Jean-Pierre Melville references are in this. And guns, and sex, and profanity, and absurdity. Incredible.

- Eric T. Voigt, Might Be Jumping Onto a Sinking Ship With This One

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