Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the winner will be picked by...

While the Academy bogs us down with the whopping ten best picture nominees, let us not overlook some joyous news. There were 134 new invitees to the academy a list of surprising contributors.

I first came across this information when spotting Seth Rogen's name in the newspaper. That's right ladies and gentlemen, SETH ROGEN along with cohorts James Franco and Paul Rudd are now in the almighty Oscar choosing position. I almost expect them to get a gang together and vote on a joke nomination, something I would greatly appreciate in the snobbish arena of the Academy Awards (though I do love them so).

So when you watch the Oscars this year, and someone thanks the academy in their speech, they are basically thanking Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Paul Rudd. Thank god the Apatowites are taking over the world. What a better place it may be.

****Brianna Wellen


  1. Isn't it god awful how many people wouldn't agree with your statements?

  2. That's why I'm here, people need someone to totally disagree with.