Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How 10 Best Picture Nominees Will Change EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD

The monkey weeps for us.

Ten Best Picture nominations will be announced this coming February, which is a one hundred percent increase from previous years. Many rumor this is the Academy gambling that more nominees mean more viewers. I think it's a sign they're wising up to the fact the nominees are really hit-and-miss from year to year.

This past year a bushel of great films were overlooked for five solid but lackluster efforts. The way it read was "we'll pick some really good films for 2007, but then the directors that put out consistently decent work will get their shot, so they don't feel left out."

I say bring it on, because at least two worthy pictures might sneak their way onto the roster. Here's looking at you, Where the Wild Things Are.

- Eric T. Voigt, Academy Minded Too Often

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  1. Because we've all fast-forwarded to October and seen Where the Wild Thing Are and know how perfect it is!