Saturday, July 11, 2009


Criterion Collection DVDs. Their goal is to offer higher quality, uncut, "Director Approved" movies with more extra stuff to make a better overall viewing experience. On the matter of Wes Anderson movies, the Criterion Collection means to me my favorite cover art by the one and only Eric Anderson.
However, I now find myself in a position where the only Wes Anderson movie I lack from my collection is Bottle Rocket and I seek out to buy the film I discover the Criterion Collection version is $32 MORE than the regular DVD. It is obvious the cover art is a million times superior and would fit in nicely on my shelf, but is all the extra stuff really worth it? Bottle Rocket itself as a film is mediocre in the spectrum of the Anderson movies and is simply needed as a staple of the Director's work in a collection as his first feature film.
This is also begging the question, should I replace my unCriterion Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited DVDs with Criterion when the time is right?
Dilemmas dilemmas. Damn you Criterion Collection.
****Brianna Wellen


  1. I say do it, because Bottle Rocket is more than mediocre, and the special features seem fairly top-notch.

  2. No, don't do it.