Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox: It Happened

I have no idea what this comic means, but it happened.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is here.


Time for me to have a joy-filled heartattack.
A Coen Brother trailer, then a Wes Anderson trailer. In the same day. It's like karma or something. Fantastic Mr. Fox looks and sounds every bit as awesome as I imagined it would be. Heavier on the slap-stick, heavier on the child-friendly. George Clooney's voice fits great, Bill Murray sounds like he's going to be the tops, and I'm already ga-ga for Jason Schwartzman's character Ash. Terrific. Or dare I say it: fantastic? No. No, that's stupid.

- Eric T. Voigt, Attacked


  1. a;fk 'ejk 'apwejkf'pekapwko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm excited.

    best line in trailer: "I can fit through there. wanna know how? cuz im little."