Sunday, July 12, 2009

WMCA Volume Five: I Wish It Was Just Anachronistic

Kids have the darndest covers:

For a design I'm pretty sure was put together on a computer it represents the basest internet understanding. It gets that websites are found on computers, and that www. and .com play a role in the matter. The phrase 'download' is at least in its vocabulary. Unfortunately none of this knowledge managed to come together in a way that resembles anything you'd actually find in a website. What website used for downloading ghosts would be titled '' when '' makes for what the site is actually used for. Otherwise it could be a blog for people who have downloaded ghosts in the past. And the giant arrow pointing to a clearly labeled download button is ridiculous. Either put the download button in a better location, or let the button do the talking for itself. 

I imagine the process of downloading a ghost wouldn't involve a ghost being sucked into a computer screen, rather it would allow you to export the ghost whenever you pleased after you'd completed the download. This ghost is being sucked into, not blown out of, the computer screen. How lazy is it to have three designs for a ghost on the same cover, two of which are making the same hand gesture? My vote is 'very lazy'. 

Isn't the capitalization wacky? Isn't the background not cringe-worthy? Wouldn't any child of moderate intelligence want to pick that up and put it in their DVD player? If any toddler is spotted showing the remotest interest in this case it should be smacked across the mouth, and swiftly, to deter future idiocy. Covers like this need to be strung up by their pinkies and raked. 

 - Eric T. Voigt, Finished Some Nice Cold Pizza

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