Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WMCA Volume Nine: Cougartastic

Today's What Miserable Cover Art features artwork that's downright oxymoronic paired with the title:The people at Disney confused the word lonesome with the word badass. That isn't a lonely cougar, that's an awesome cougar nonchalantly casing joints from the comfort of his bright yellow truck, nodding at the rest of the mountain critters as he drives by, an air of sophistication and superiority practically exploding from his fur.

In fact Disney may have confused Charlie with badass, too. If the title read Badass, The Badass Cougar I wouldn't see any reason to fret. It's just a huge stretch of the imagination to see anything gloomy in this handsome devil.

And Badass needs to find friendship? Who do you think is driving the car? Probably fifty-five close friends. I bet a lot of them are hot cougaresses, too. What Badass here is doing is being the best. So now, with all the corrections, this cover should read Badass, The Badass Cougar. Being Awesome Is The Only Thing To Do.


- Eric T. Voigt, Shootin' Up


  1. You previously stated in a post that you aren't funny...the badass cougar disagrees.

  2. i would watch that movie. the bad ass version, not the lonely version.