Friday, July 10, 2009

Uber OK

Hello world of film! Instead of a swarthy introduction, I'm just going to dive right in.

Bruno. As my favorite character of Sacha's "Da Ali G Show", I held my expectations high. I had, in fact, planned my entire month of July proving to all those non-believers that Bruno would be far superior to Borat, and wanted to get a jump start on the gloating by attending the midnight showing. What I found was disappointment and more of the same Borat styled shenanigans that made me cringe.

The troubles began with some pre-film jitters I had revolving around the original NC-17 rating. I knew Bruno had fought hard to gain its more acceptable R rating, but I had a feeling someone was paid off to get this rating. Within the first 10 minutes Bruno gives us the inside look at his kinky gay sex life, and that little black box did not cover what I believe the rating hoped it would cover, not to mention the little black boxes floating around the swinger's party...

Despite the change of hair and the Boratic tendencies to make me feel uncomfortable, Bruno did maintain from his original show what makes him great: his ability to reveal stupidity in people around him. We all know from our comfy chairs that to Sacha Baron Cohen, this is a joke. Those on the other side who are taking him seriously agree enthusiastically to have their babies in a photoshoot posing as a Nazi pushing a Jew into an oven and suggest making a bracelet out of an endangered animal in order to promote saving the animal in question. These are the moments I treasure, this is the Bruno I love.

Watching Sacha continually expose his talent? stupidity? penis? I can't help but think of Isla Fischer, his blushing bride to be and mother of his child. How will she handle being married to this man? She converted to Judaism for him and in return she must watch him get whipped by an over altered tatooed woman at a swinger's party. Only time will tell how this relationship hashes out.

As for Bruno, the best part of this film was the extra long trailer for Funny People before the
movie even began. Now THAT is a movie that shall not disappoint.

Happy movie watching cinemaphiles of the world.

***Brianna Wellen

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