Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Anticipation Builds

After a hiatus from the blogosphere I bring joyous news of Funny People. I have seen the behind the scenes special and I am craving for next week to be here.

The scenes that will be seen in the movie of stand up comedians are actual stand up routines written by the actors for their character. Was your mind just blown? They took a show on the road picking up a few real comedians on the way such as Sarah Silverman and David Spade. So all that stand up footage, real stand up. As an amatuer in the film making world, I'm not sure if that's done often, but I appreciate it regardless.

I'm really liking the concept after seeing a few interviews of how much of Adam Sandler's character is based on Adam Sandler himself. It will give a nice retrospective and insight to him, a deepness we've seen in movies like Reign Over Me and Spanglish while keeping the goofiness that made him famous. I'm excited to see Seth Rogen keep on keeping on in the same personality that I love so dearly and I'm extra excited to see Jason Schwartzman. For a special treat before the movie is out please HULU "Behind the Scenes with Mark Taylor Jackson" and watch the coinciding videos to see Jason Schwartzman as his Funny People character in the uplifting TV show "Yo Teach!". Love it.

So cinemaphiles, I better see you all in theaters next week for Funny People. Because if this movie is only half as good as what I hope, it will be amazing.

***Brianna Wellen


  1. Citing "Reign Over Me" and "Spanglish" as his top dramatic roles makes me want to bust the biggest of guts. Pure emotional shlock, my friend. "Punch-Drunk Love" is where he proves his worth.

  2. I was going to cite punch drunk love, but i've never seen and would hate to be dishonest, and possibly wrong.